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Krystle Blough

Krystle BloughTelegram

The 5 Best Telegram Bots to Track Your Crypto Portfolio

Cover Image for The 5 Best Telegram Bots to Track Your Crypto Portfolio

Make the most of your crypto.

Want to make sure your coins are retaining and creating value? Use these Telegram bots to track prices, coin market cap, yield, and liquidity opportunities.

1. Crypto Portfolio USD Tracker for Telegram

Get updates of how much your crypto is worth in USD. Enter your wallet address and choose the crypto token you’re tracking and you’ll get daily updates of how much they’re worth.

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2. Crypto Coin Market Cap Telegram Bot

Track key market cap data for your favorite tokens: market cap, market cap rank, and market cap change in the past 24 hours.

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3. Aave Crypto APY Calculator Telegram Bot

Watch opportunities to earn more from your crypto. Enter your wallet address and the token you want to track, and you'll get daily updates of the Aave deposit APY. This bot will also calculate how much yield you could get based on the token balance in your wallet.

Learn more: Crypto APY calculator: How much can my crypto earn me?

4. New Uniswap Pools Telegram Alerts

Get an alert on Telegram when a new Uniswap pool is created so you get in on the action early, before the pool becomes too crowded and liquid, and/or take advantage of any arbitrage opportunities that may exist between the new pool and other exchanges.

5. Aave Crypto Portfolio Telegram Monitor

Track your crypto APY & liquidation risk in real time for tokens you’ve deposited into Aave. Learn how it works in this video:






Krystle BloughAbout Krystle

Krystle Blough is the Head of Community at and has been working in education & automation for 15+ years. She has presented at CMX Summit and Wikimania conferences about her experience in increasing adoption of emerging technology. She ran a 50k trail marathon once and now people think she runs fast (false).

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