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Mantle NFT Sales and Mint to Discord or Telegram Bot (no-code)

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Mantle NFT Bots for Discord

To create a bot that will post every time an NFT is sold, minted, or transferred for a given collection or account address in Mantle, all you need to do is use this pre-built recipe!

What will you need before using this recipe?

  • Create a Boto account

  • Add Botoโ€™s discord bot to your server or private chat
    Use this link to add Boto to your Server or this link to message Boto directly and run the /auth command

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There are only a couple of things to change in the Recipe:

  • Address in the NFT block (this is the address you would like to monitor) it can be the address of an NFT collection or the address of a wallet

  • The second thing you need to do is to select the channel on the Discord block. If you haven't added a channel, follow this 2min tutorial.

Next, you will receive a confirmation message with the Channel ID to be used in your bot. Now add the Channel ID to your bot and click save.


If everything went well, you should receive a message like the one below on your Discord ๐ŸŽ‰

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