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Monitor Tezos OBJKT NFT Sales now on!

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Whats that shiny new OBJKT?

We're thrilled to announce support for a new NFT marketplace: OBJKT is the leading NFT Marketplace on Tezos and you can now track sales and purchases using Boto!

How to use?

The best way to use this block is tu use our recipes:

  • Tezos NFT Sales OBJKT Discord Bot

  • Tezos NFT Sales OBJKT Telegram Bot

Fun fact

Tezos uses the term Baker for the party that is responsible for signing and publishing blocks on the blockchain similar to what a Validator does on Ethereum.

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Why Tezos and OBJKT?

Tezos has made a name for itself with its innovative on-chain governance, low gas fees, and environmentally friendly Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. is one of the largest NFT marketplaces on Tezos. Our integration makes it easier for anyone to track and analyze NFT transactions on Tezos, without coding.

What's New in This Block?

The Tezos OBJKT NFT Sales Block monitors sales/purchase events on the OBJKT marketplace, capturing transaction hashes, buyer and seller addresses, contract details, timestamps, token IDs, token names, descriptions, and image URLs. Here's an example output to Discord from a bot tracking the McLaren F1 Collectibles collection.

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Video Tutorial

Refer to our docs if you want to learn more about using this block. You can reach out to us directly on Discord if you have any questions.

Happy bot-building!





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