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How Boto Pro plans work

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Figuring out which Pro plan is right for you?

Here's a quick overview of the limits we use in our Pro plan, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs!


Frequency bots let you set how often they pull the data you need. They can be as fast as every 15 seconds. Most of our blocks are frequency blocks. You can tell your bot is frequency-based because there will be an option to set the frequency at the top of the canvas.

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Whereas frequency bots check and report back on data at a regular interval, trigger bots listen constantly for a specific event, like a mint or transaction. Those events could happen thousands of times in one day, or not at all. You can see a list of our trigger blocks here.

Trigger limits are monthly, based on a total number of triggers for all of your bots from the first of the month. You can see how many trigger bots and how much they’ve triggered this month and last month on your dashboard:

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If you have a filter set up so that you only get alerted for, say, 1 out of 100 events, our system still counts the 100 triggers. This is because people who use Boto triggers are often using it to find those special, "black swan" events and get notified about them immediately. The value that the bot provides is in running hundreds, maybe thousands, of times just to find you that rare investment opportunity or red flag that will make or save you lots of money. These bot runs are the quiet work that you’re investing in to spot that rare event you’re looking for.

This is a bit unlike platforms like Zapier, which is used more in a B2B setting as a repetitive workhorse - every time X happens, repost the data to Y. It's more to connect systems that don't connect easily otherwise. Our frequency bots are a better fit for that kind of usage 👍

Pro blocks

These are extra powerful blocks that only subscribers can access:

  • Discord Slash Command: allow people to get data on demand

  • Discord Pro: custom PFP, name, and footer so you can brand your bot

  • Discord Raw Message: for cross-posting Discord messages

  • OpenSea Re-Listing: automatically re-list your NFT based on conditions you set

  • Twitter - Send Tweet BYOK: push data to your Twitter account(s)

  • Webhook: powerful functionality for advanced users

Active bots

Active bots are simply bots that are on. To see a list of your bots that are on, go to and click the ON/OFF header.

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Still wondering what you need?

Drop us an email at or hit us up on Discord.

And remember that all Boto Pro plans come with a 7-day free trial! 🙌



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