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Get Alerts For Changes In Your NFT Portfolio Without Coding - Fast and Easy

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With you can create a bot or just copy a recipe and start using it straight away — without coding!

There's a single prerequisite: to create a account.

Track Your NFTs

In order to create a bot that will post every time an NFT from a certain collection lands or leaves your wallet, all you need to do is to use this recipe that we have already created for you!

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There are only a couple of things to change in the Recipe:

1. Paste your wallet address into the “Wallet Address” field. Could also be any other wallet you know or might be worth monitoring.

2. Enter the contract address of an NFT collection. Wondering how to find the contract address of an NFT collection? See this guide.

3. Finally, authorise the Boto bot in your Telegram account of group. Please find a guide here about how you configure Boto and Telegram in only a few clicks.

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That's it!


If everything went well you should receive a message like the one below on your Telegram channel:

[object Object]

From this moment onward, you'll be notified within 5 minutes of any change of your NFT holdings for a particular collection. While this works well with art collections, regardless of marketplace (OpenSea, Blur, Rarible, etc.) it can be used by DeFi protocols that airdrop NFTs to mark membership or to share rewards.

If you enjoy this tutorial please join the Boto Discord Server.

May the bots always be in your favour!

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