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Why we chose Superfluid for crypto payments 😍

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Accepting web3 subscription isn't as easy as it should be, but Superfluid Subscriptions changed that for Boto.

When we launched Boto Pro premium tiers last year, we knew we wanted to accept crypto payments because our community and platform lives in Web3. Many of our users transact primarily in crypto, and would prefer to keep it that way.

But let’s face it, crypto is not built for the recurring revenue model. Crypto payments need a signature for every transaction, you can't simply authorize your card and get charged once a month. That was until we found Superfluid.

Superfluid enables web3 companies to have a SaaS business model. Users can easily subscribe to a service and stop that subscription at any time without having to incur gas fees on a monthly basis or sign transactions every month. Moreover, while credit card payments are “pull payments” that effectively take money from your account without further checks, Superfluid Subscriptions are “push payments” that gives full control to the sender instead of the receiver, preserving the ethos and values of web3.

This allows our customers to benefit from their bots non-stop, without worrying about remembering to make a transfer once a month.

“We chose Superfluid for our crypto subscriptions because it offers a seamless way to charge for a SaaS subscription without having to create recurring transactions on-chain, making it safer and gas efficient. It feels like a card payment experience for web3, set and forget. To be honest, it is also super cool to see the incoming revenues grow in real time” - Breno Araujo, founder & CEO of

We quickly got to work and folded Superfluid into our Pro subscription tiers, so that people could check out quickly and easily. We set it up to accept USDC on Polygon.

All someone has to do is wrap tokens and hit subscribe! Check it out in action:

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We also built a “Superfluid - Flow updated” block which monitors Superfluid streams and creates a membership in our backend whenever someone signs up. This means that now anyone accepting Superfluid Subscriptions can get alerts of new subscribers directly via Boto automations, including webhook triggers directly on their backend!

Here’s a quick overview of how the bot works:

The cool thing is, anyone can build a bot like this now with these recipes 😎

Learn more about what's buildable with Superfluid & Boto in this blog post: Boto Integrates Superfluid in Their Automation Recipes




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