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What is the BRC-20 token standard? (and 4 bots to help you profit!)

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BRC-20, the hot standard for deploying tokens on Bitcoin

BRC-20 is the new token standard allowing users to mint, transfer and trade tokens on the Bitcoin network.

Currently this new token standard is a hot topic which is the subject of many heated exchanges between Bitcoin purists and those who support building and experimenting on the flagship crypto network.

While the debate about the inherent value and longevity of such tokens shows no sign of dying down, the BRC-20 markets continue to boom with a combined the market cap of all tokens amounting to an impressive $421m with 24h volume of $50m at time of writing.

To give some comparison to other nascent protocols, using net inflows as a (very) rough heuristic - it took Arbitrum 1 month, Polygon 6 months and Optimism 1 year to reach ~$400m worth of inflows.

Where can you trade BRC-20 tokens ?

The venues available for trading BRC-20 tokens continue to increase on what feels like a daily basis, here’s a few of our favourite picks of both DEX and CEX flavours.

DEX : Unisat


4 bots to make sure you don’t miss out !

Here are a few free to use, customisable bots which will empower you to capitalise on opportunities

Price Alert (up/down)

Get notified if a token moves +/- 5% within a specific timeframe

[object Object]

BRC-20 % Price Change Alert to Telegram

New All Time High Alert

[object Object]

Get notified when a token you're interested in breaks it's previous ATH !

BRC-20 New All Time High Alert to Telegram

Hourly/Daily/weekly digest - stay informed

[object Object]

Get a regular digest of the key stats from the assets you're watching

BRC-20 Stats Tracker with Updates to Telegram

Regular % Price Change Updates

[object Object]

Receive regular price updates for tokens you're interested in.

BRC-20 % Price Changes Updates w/ updates to Telegram

Phew, you made it to the end of the article, thanks for reading !

If you find these bots useful, if you have a cool idea for a Boto you'd like a hand with, or if you just want to hang out, come join us on the Boto discord!






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