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Introducing Boto Creator Bounties 💰

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We're giving 100% of subscription revenue to our community.

This quarter (April, May, June) we want you to cash in on your contribution to the Botoverse, so we’re sharing 100% of our Pro subscription revenue with creators. We want you to build and promote the most helpful recipes, hackathon style. The top creator could get $1500 or more per month, in fiat or USDC.

Here’s how it works

If your recipes are used by any Boto community member, you get creator points. The more people who use your recipes, the more points you get. On top of that, if you’re a Boto Pro subscriber for that whole month, you get double the points. 🤑

The creator with the most points gets the biggest bounty. With the current $5000 of subscription revenue we get per month, the top creator will get $1500. The next 5 creators will get $500 each, and the next 10 creators will get $100. We’ll adjust those amounts up or down proportionally with the revenue.

Ways to increase your creator bounty

  • Make & promote variations of our most popular recipes for specific trending NFT collections & tokens or your curated selection of whales to follow.

  • Make & promote recipe variations of new blocks! Aave repay, NFT rarity, Loopring NFT events, sentiment analysis are new blocks with few recipes. Creating different configurations of that block and variations of where the notifications post (Telegram, Discord, Twitter) gives you a solid "first mover" advantage with that block.

  • Promote your recipes with medium posts, blog posts, youtube tutorials, tiktoks, tweets, etc. and let us know, so we can amplify them on our own channels! (Don’t spam though - we will notice and disqualify).

  • Share your Botoverse profile page with your community (coming soon!). It'll show all the recipes you've created.

  • Get more people to sign up for a Pro subscription, which would increase the revenue jackpot and your share of it

When do I start?

The bounty tracking will begin on April 1 (no this is not a joke!). Feel free to build recipes now, but we will start counting usage in April.

Soon we’ll share a leaderboard that shows the top creators. At the end of April, May, and June we will reach out to the top creators via email to let you know you’ve won the bounty (make sure you check the email address tied to your boto account!)

Don’t miss out on this bounty - we plan to do more of this in the future, but the 100% revenue distribution is a special opportunity just for this quarter.





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