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How to set up a crypto news alert bot

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Get crypto news alerts on your preferred platform

This article will show you how to set up bots to get alerts in Discord, Telegram, Slack and e-mail.

First, we’ll create a bot that sends Discord alerts for Cointelegraph news. Then I’ll show you how to do it for other platforms.

Open this link for the “Editors Pick News by Cointelegraph to Discord (RSS)” recipe ( and click to Use this recipe. You should see the bare bones bot like this:

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Next, if it’s your first time with Boto, click on this link and follow the steps to allow Boto to send alerts to your Discord server. After following these steps, select the Channel in the Discord block:

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Then, hit Save Boto and turn it on.

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Your bot is ready and running! Every 10 minutes, the bot will check for news and send an alert per news article to Discord.

How to send alerts by Email, Telegram or Slack?

That’s easy: let’s start from the previous bot, delete the Discord Block and add the corresponding block to your bot. I’ll show you how to do it for Telegram and it will be easier for you to change for other platforms.

Start creating a new bot from the same recipe: Then, on the Discord block, click on the trash bin icon in the upper right corner.

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Then, search for the Telegram block, drag & drop it into the canvas and connect the two blocks.

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Now let’s set up the Telegram block. On the Handler field, click on the [+] button and follow the instructions to add allow Boto to message you on Telegram.

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In the Message field type the content of the message and add the #title and #url output tags from the RSS Feed block:

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Save the bot and turn it on! Now, sit back and let the news come to you.

Here are links to recipes of other Crypto news sources:

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