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Build a Base transaction notification bot with #nocode

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Unlocking Base Transaction Alerts to Telegram Bot #no-code with

At, we offer a versatile platform where anyone can effortlessly create bots or utilize pre-built recipes, all without the need for coding expertise.

In this guide, we'll guide you through the process of setting up transaction alerts for the Base blockchain, notifying you via Telegram whenever a wallet or contract of interest is involved in a transaction, all without writing a single line of code !


  • Sign up for an account at the process is quick and free.

  • You will need a Telegram account to follow this guide to the letter, but Boto also supports Discord, Email and many more communication channels for alerts.

Step 1 - Access the recipe.

For ease of use, we are going to use a pre-built recipe for this bot - a recipe is just a bot someone has already created & shared on

Navigate to the recipe on the Boto canvas

Step 2 - Customise the Bot

Configure the Track Transactions Block

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  • Enter the address you wish to monitor.

  • If you want to monitor more than one address, you can enter as many as you like separated by a comma, ",".

Configure the Telegram block.

  • If this is your first time using Boto to send notifications to Telegram, you will need to permit Boto to message you.

    To do this simply click the '+' icon on the telegram block.

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  • If you want to configure the message you receive you can alter the content of the message field in any way you like.

Save and turn the bot on

  • Click the save button

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  • Activate the switch to turn the Bot on.

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With the setup complete, you will now receive real-time notifications of Base transaction activity directly to your Telegram.

Whenever a transaction occurs involving the specified Base contracts or wallet addresses, you'll receive an alert similar to the one below.

Embrace the power of no-code automation and stay ahead of Base transactions effortlessly with Whether you're an NFT enthusiast or an avid collector, simplifies the process of staying informed, so you never miss a beat in the world of Base transactions. Start receiving alerts today and elevate your NFT game with ease!




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