Pepe Meme Coin Investment Tracker


by Mark


Track your Pepe The Frog Meme Coin Holdings. Just enter the Ethereum wallet address you wish to track in the Function Parameter field of the Smart Contract Block and you will get periodic updates of your investment value.

Use This Bot

How to use this bot

Add your ETHEREUM address and connect your Telegram.

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Then click the "save" button and then click the slider to turn the automation on.

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Now you'll start getting PEPE price updates with a Dune chart directly on Telegram.

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How it works

Pepe price in USD is fetched from through their API. Your token balance is fetched from the Ethereum blockchain through the balanceOf function on the $PEPE smart contract.

Want to track other ERC-20 tokens instead?

Just change the Crypto to USD symbol field and the Smart Contract Call Contract Address field to the token's contract address.

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