NFT Mints to Discord Bot


by Breno


Whether your community revolves around a beloved collection or is focused on trading for profit, this Discord bot is fun to watch. For a project that’s still minting, get an alert anytime a new NFT enters the metaverse so your community can ooohh and aaah.

Use This Bot

Video Tutorial

What can I do with this recipe?

  • Track mints of NFTs from a specific collection (on Ethereum or Polygon) in real-time.

  • Follow mints of NFTs done by an investor or collector (on Ethereum or Polygon) in real-time.

  • Get customized Discord messages about NFT mints.

  • Get data about the minted NFT such as: NFT name, NFT description, collection name, NFT image URL, NFT Attributes, OpenSea URL, token ID, and a few others. Check the full list at the NFT Events Block page.

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How to set it up

NFT events block

Address Type

If you want to receive notifications of mints of an NFT Collection, select the address type Contract.

If you want to receive notifications of mints done by an individual (a friend, an investor, a collector, …), select the address type Account.


If the Address Type is Contract: Take a look at How to Find the Contract Address of an NFT Collection

If you find the address is 0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e or 0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963, that means the collection was created with OpenSea’s Storefront Creator and is on a shared contract along with many other collections. Go back to the Address Type and change it to OpenSea Storefront Creator. Follow these steps to find the address.

If the Address Type is Account: Check out our guide on How to find the Account Address of an NFT Investor, Collector, or Artist

You can track multiple collections in the same bot. Just add the contract addresses separated by a comma.

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Discord Block

Channel ID

Follow the steps in How to add Boto into Discord and choose the channel from the dropdown.

Click on the Test button on Discord’s block and receive a test message on Discord. This helps you test if you’re good to message that Discord channel. Note that it will have placeholder data, not actual mint data.

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Now just save your bot and turn it on!

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Adding attributes

To add the NFT traits (also known as attributes) into the message, click on the Message field, add a new line, type Attributes: then type # (the hash character), scroll down in the list and select the attributes tag.

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Bot not working?

The most frequent reasons are:

  • Boto was not invited into the Discord Server or does not have the required permissions. Follow all the steps for authorizing Boto to make sure.

  • No event happened after the bot was turned on. Check if the things you’re looking to get notified about actually happened.

  • Did some mints come through and then it stopped working? You might've bumped into the daily trigger limit of the free community plan.

  • The bot was not properly configured. Reach out to us on Discord or via email ( and we'll help you out!