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Track ethereum gas fees with these 3 Telegram bots

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Timing is everything.

One of the benefits of tracking ethereum gas fees in real time is that you can avoid paying excessively high fees when the network is congested.
But who has time to constantly check gas prices? Use these handy Telegram bots to check for you and send an alert when gas fees are right where you want them!

⏩ Quick shortcut to all no-code gas tracker Telegram bots:

1. Cheap Gas Alert Telegram Bot

Want to know when gas is low, so you can save money on those coins or NFTs you've been itching to buy? Or so you can do some wallet housekeeping, like moving your assets to a cold wallet, while gas fees are reasonable? Track ETH Gas Fees in Gwei and USD, and get a Telegram alert whenever eth prices drop below a certain USD price.

Use it now 👉

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2. DeFi Gas Fees Calculator Telegram Bot

This powerful little bot calculates the gas fee and sends a message for multiple protocols: OpenSea, Uniswap, Sushiswap, Curve.

Use it now 👉

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3. Ethereum Gas Tracker Telegram Bot

Keep a close eye on gas fee trends by getting regular updates as often as every minute!

Use it now 👉

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More bots to save time & money

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