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How to Create Your First POAP NFT1

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Making a POAP, step by step.

A POAP (short for proof of attendence protocol) is a fun way to mark an occasion for both NFT beginners and experts. Think of them like the digital equivalent of concert ticket stubs or "I've been there" passport stamps.
I made one for SXSW to celebrate being chosen as a Pitch finalist. I thought it'd be a fun way to engage with people who aren't familiar with blockchain technology. POAP NFTs are incredibly easy (and free!) to claim.
Here's how I went about making one.

Get a head start.

Design your POAP at least a few days before you want to distribute it. There's a 24 hour approval process after you submit your artwork, and you can’t submit without artwork. You also can’t edit the artwork after you’ve submitted a request. So make sure you give yourself enough time to so that your distribution links are ready in time for the event.

Design your POAP.

I asked Braden, our design expert, to make one but I also practiced making one in Canva. Use a 500x500 px canvas and download it in PNG format (this and GIF are the only formats accepted).

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Create a drop on

Go to and fill out the form. Once you submit the form, you’ll be asked if you want to fill out one more form. I went for it.

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After filling out the second form, I landed on a results page that had our drop on it, which was a little confusing--had it been approved so quickly?

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But then I checked my email and it was clear that it was still being reviewed.

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After a few emails back and forth with their support team (which is GREAT btw!) my drop got approved!

Pro tip: It seems to help a lot if you're super clear on how you plan to distribute. Since I'm sharing these in person, I opted to use their kiosk functionality, and specifying that seemed to help my drop get approved faster.

Set up your distribution

I followed the steps for setting up the POAP Kiosk--I'll spare you repeating all of them here! How do I set up the POAP Kiosk to distribute mint links via unique QR codes?

One thing I learned is that while multiple people can use the kiosk, only one person needs to follow the setup steps.

The person who sets up the kiosk then gets kiosk admin links that any of the people at the event can use to share QR codes.

I also confirmed that multiple people can distribute QR codes and the kiosk will make smoothly for this (it won't get confused and give the same code or a used code to multiple phones).

Share your fun POAP!

Click the "Open Kiosk in browser" link in the email you received on your phone and you're ready to start sharing POAPs with people you meet!

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If the people you're sharing the POAP with are new to NFTs, you'll want to coach them through it a bit. They might be worried it's a scam or a hack or whatever.

Fortunately, all they need to get started is an email address. We created a separate blog post in case people wanted a step-by-step breakdown: How to Claim Your Boto SXSW 2023 POAP NFT


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