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Connect Web3 to Zapier with webhooks 🌐

Cover Image for Connect Web3 to Zapier with webhooks 🌐 + 4000 apps = 😍

Ever felt frustrated you couldn't push blockchain events to your favorite app? With Boto's new webhook block, you can tap into the 4000+ apps available in Zapier's library.

Note: This powerful combination requires both a Boto and Zapier subscription. Want something more direct? Let us know on the Botomap!

Zapier Setup

Begin a webhooks Zap.

[object Object]

Choose "Catch hook" as the event.

[object Object]

Click "continue" till you get to the webhook URL and copy it.

[object Object] Setup

Create a bot with the blockchain event you want to track and the webhook block. Paste the Zapier webhook URL into the webhook block.

[object Object]

Define the data with a dictionary. For NFT events, we might do something like:

[object Object]

Save your bot and turn it on.


Go back to Zapier and click "Test Trigger". It might take a few minutes. For testing, choose a reliably active block, like gas tracker. Also check the last run status on My Botos to make sure it fired.

[object Object]

Now you can see how the data came through. Click "Continue" to push that data to the app of your choice!

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