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Krystle Blough

Krystle BloughTelegram

Watch Out: 5 Signs That a Telegram Bot is Not Safe

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Telegram bot red flags 🚩

When you're just getting started with Telegram bots, it's easy to get scammed. In 2021, people lost 77 billion US dollars to scammers! Don’t let it happen to you. Here are some red flags to always watch out for.

🚩 Bots that promise free money or gifts.

These are almost always scams, designed to get you to hand over your personal information or give them access to your account. In this type of scam, the bot will promise you easy money if you invest in their program. However, the reality is that you will likely never see any of that money again. If you come across a bot that is promising you easy money, it’s best to just stay away.

🚩 Bots that ask for sensitive information up front.

Be wary of any bot that asks for your password, credit card number, or other sensitive information before you've had a chance to use it.

🚩 Bots that have grammatical errors or poor design.

A lot of scammers use bots that are hastily made and don't look very professional. If a bot looks like it was put together quickly, be careful.

🚩 Bots that want you to download something.

Unless you trust the source, never download anything from a bot. Scammers will often try to get you to download malware or give them access to your computer. This malware can then be used to steal your personal information or even damage your computer. If you come across a bot that seems suspicious, it’s best to just stay away and report it to the Telegram support team.

🚩 Bots that seem too good to be true.

If a bot seems like it's offering something that's too good to be true, it probably is. Be careful of any bot that promises to make you rich quick or get you free stuff.

Good luck!

Hopefully, you’ll never need this advice, but it’s better to be prepared.

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Krystle BloughAbout Krystle

Krystle Blough is the Head of Community at and has been working in education & automation for 15+ years. She has presented at CMX Summit and Wikimania conferences about her experience in increasing adoption of emerging technology. She ran a 50k trail marathon once and now people think she runs fast (false).

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