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Boto is the no-code automation platform for creating and sharing bots that automate your crypto, NFT and other blockchain or DeFi activities.

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Custom Bots Anyone Can Build

Save time. Act fast. Build bots.

Stop wasting time checking NFT listings, gas fees, coin prices, your portolio... Build the alerts & automations that matter to you with customizable bots.

Act fast. Avoid FOMO.Use bots to scan on-chain events 24/7.
USDT depegged by 8% and new rare NFT listing notifications
Build bots quickly & easilyNo coding required: just add a few details, set it, and forget it.
  • Choose from 1,300+ pre-built recipes

  • Customize with a drag-and-drop interface

  • Access to friendly support & tutorials

Gas prices and wallet balance notifications
Endless customization possibilities!With integrations across chains, marketplaces, and dapps, you can track almost anything.
  • Track events on over 15 blockchains & marketplaces

  • Get analytics, charts, coin prices, rarity, and more

  • Go straight to the source and read smart contracts directly

NFT relisting interface

Your No-code Sandbox

We make automation easy.

Unlock the power of bots by connecting blocks without ever touching any code. Make it as simple or complex as you want!

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Boto is made for creators to build and share their logic. Explore the Botoverse for pre-built recipes by people just like you.

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NFT Whale Sales/Purchases to Discord




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OpenSea Listings Filtered by NFT Trait to Discord Bot



OpenSea Listings Below Floor Price to Email



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Boto community members sharing positive feedback on Discord
Boto community members sharing positive feedback on Discord
Boto community members sharing positive feedback on Discord

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